Voltage Optimisation   

Voltage Optimisation

Since our entry into the European Union, all of our appliances that are used in the home are rated for between 215 – 230 volts, meaning that you could be shortening the life of your appliances whilst at the same time paying too much for your electricity.

Although this is a very common problem in the UK, it is not widely publicised and by simply installing a voltage optimisation unit into your mains electricity system you could save a considerable amount of your energy bill.

Other benefits include prolonged life of your appliances and the payback period is usually within 4 years.

The voltage optimisation systems that we use are all very high quality, and the engineers installing them are all fully qualified electricians, committed to ongoing personal development.

All our consultants are fully experienced with voltage optimisation systems, and will be able to give you the advice and guidance required in order to make a fully informed decision.

"Your energy supply could be acting like a dripping tap. The UK voltage from the national grid is delivered to your home at anywhere between 230 – 245 volts."