Gas & Oil Boilers   

Gas & Oil Boilers

Vast improvements have been made in the areas of energy efficiency within the domestic heating market, and newer gas boilers are reaching efficiencies of over 98%, with oil efficiencies being largely similar.

When compared to older boilers with efficiencies of below 80%, it becomes obvious that these older boilers and systems are presenting a false economy.

By changing your old oil or gas boiler for a modern ‘A-rated’ condensing boiler, you can save considerable amounts of energy, and money.

Modern ‘condensing’ boilers use the waste heat, that would otherwise be passed up the flue and out into the cold, and pass it through a secondary heat exchanger. This enables the boilers to achieve the efficiencies published and wastes very little heat.

All of our boilers are brand quality, and we are not tied to suppliers or manufacturers. Our heating engineers have years of experience in dealing with domestic heating systems and are all fully qualified and appear on the gas safe register (or CORGI in Northern Ireland).

"Gas and oil boilers have been around for many years and in many cases are still operating in many households. This is testament to their build quality and maintenance techniques, but unfortunately it is bad for the environment."